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The son of Dionysus didn’t know how much time he spent in the infirmary. He didn’t eat solid food whatsoever, and still getting ambrosia and nectar every now and then. He could feel his bruises started to heal up, and that he was better now. But Theo was not permitted to walk just yet. He didn’t know when Darcen dropped him off; it could be hours, or even days after that. His backpack still beside him, with the wine inside. He didn’t let anyone touch it.

Intertwining his finger, Theo knew who he missed the most. It was his girlfriend’s touch, the way she laugh and teased him, being her adorable self. So when he saw her silhouette in the front door, he gasped softly. Theo knew an apology was in order, but he couldn’t even produce any words. “Raven.” That’s all he could say, arms gently widened, to embrace her. Or to take a hit.

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    As Theo spoke, the girl was still awake. She simply listened to him speak before a small giggle escaped her lips when he...
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    "I’m glad too." He murmured, his breath starting to get slower, a sign that Theo was tired. "We should buy stuff. A tux...